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October 2009

The online education sector is on the rise in the United States as it has grown by 13 percent last year and was 20 percent high for the previous years. The rate for admission in online courses has gone up to one out of four students against the rate of one in 10 as recorded in 2002.

The rush is on for people to get as many educational certificates as they possibly can. The under-graduate degree is no longer the hallmark of a well-educated person. The rung has moved a step higher and everyone is dashing to enroll in one master

For those who are not in the know MHA means Masters in Health Administration. There have been tremendous changes in the healthcare administration sector and that has led to the total revamp of the curriculum. This coupled with the need to be upwardly mobile has led to many going back to school.

While it is absolutely vital for one to be constantly improving and upgrading themselves, it is also imperative that you don